Aomi Armster - Where the Blue-Green hits the fan.

Aomi is invoked to acquire secrets. (site is under construction)

Main Focus: My art and my perspective of worldwide mythology, how Aomi is applied to different media, such as video games, TV shows, stories, movies, graphic novels, etc. But in the grand scheme of things; if it is material that I enjoy I want to see where and how Aomi fits in such matters, this does not make for canon Aomi might I add. Can Aomi be applied? If yes, how?
Then there are materials that are related to Aomi in some way, for example, Aomi has a teal fringe so because of that, I may input some content about teal things, be it jewelry, toys, electronics, clothing.
Aomi is a shape-shifting shadow demon and is well content with being left to her own devices, however, shady mischief and although unintended, shadowy shenanigans tend to occur. And of course, if anything can go wrong, does goes wrong, blame the demon.
Even if she's in another dimension. .